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Born in 1999, Mason Newman delves into the realms of celebrity, sex, wealth, Mental health and mass consumerism through his unique perspective. He navigates these themes through the lens of his character Gyal, with an ever-present focus on the eyes.

Wonderland Magazine hailed him as a trailblazing street artist . Mason  has amassed a number of collectors  including star names like Billie Eilish.

Mason was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 List 2024.  

In late 2023 Mason launched a sold out collaboration with Ed Hardy, marking him as  the first artist apart from Don Ed Hardy himself to have his art put on Ed Hardy Clothes, Mason Newman's innovative approach has gained recognition.

Other than the collaboration with Ed Hardy Mason Worked to design a collection for the re-launch of Madonna’s Label Material Girl In late 2023. 

Mason was recently invited down to create a mural in the iconic Leake St Arches, Becoming the only artist other than legendary Banksy Inspiration Blek le Rat to have the honor of their piece living forever underneath perspex. 

Mason’s debut exhibition was in February 2024, Located in Waterloo London Mason transformed 3 large scale stores and made them his gallery. Creating 37 large Canvas pieces, 100 Dollar Bills and debut Homeware. This exhibition Sold Out. A brilliant achievement for any artist and a show of what is to come.